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Air Filter Service Insights


HVAC systems are a vital component of all conditioned residential, commercial and industrial environments. From the comfort of a building’s occupants to indoor air quality (IAQ) to energy expenses, the effectiveness of these systems has a significant impact on customers, employees and owners alike. Couple this with the investment HVAC units require, particularly for large industrial applications or for businesses with multiple facilities, and the stakes are high. Regular air filtration change-out and service helps ensure your investment in an HVAC unit is maximized and that the air in your facility is as clean and comfortable as possible. By catching airborne particles, air filters help keep HVAC mechanical components protected and running more efficiently, while improving IAQ for a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

Lower Energy Costs

In order to keep your facility comfortable for customers and employees, HVAC systems must continually engage, expending energy during each operating duration. Generally, the harder your HVAC works to maintain a temperature, the higher the associated energy cost will be. Purchasing higher quality air filters generally allows HVAC fans to properly function at slower speeds, thereby reducing energy costs. The air filters that help remove the dust and debris that circulate through HVAC systems must be changed regularly though as dirty air filters cause HVACs to work harder, resulting in increased energy costs. The Department of Energy suggests regular air filter change out can decrease energy consumption by up to 15 percent ( in a recent study. These savings can be significant for large operations and multi-facility owners.

Reduced HVAC Repair Costs and Increased HVAC Lifespans

When HVAC repairs are needed, not only does it mean money out of your pocket for mechanics, but also HVAC downtime that results in an uncomfortable environment for customers and employees. By utilizing quality air filters that more effectively trap airborne particulates from reaching sensitive mechanical components of an HVAC and by regularly changing out dirty air filters to ensure efficient HVAC operation, facilities managers and business owners will appreciate less time and money spent with repairmen. Not unlike regular motor oil applications in automobiles, proper air filtration can extend the life of an HVAC unit allowing owners to amortize the investment of the equipment over a longer span of time.

Cleaner Environments

Everyone wants better indoor air quality and cleaner environments, and quality HVAC filters and regular filter change-out schedules help guarantee both. Nowhere is this more critical than in applications such as healthcare and educational facilities where young and elderly occupants with suppressed immune systems are commonly found. Quality air filters work to trap airborne infectious contaminants and other particulates to keep patients, students and healthcare providers better protected and healthier.

Happier Occupants

Whether you have an industrial facility where employees need to feel comfortable at work or a retail environment where customer experience is largely shaped by the atmosphere of the store or restaurant, a properly functioning HVAC unit plays an important role. Studies indicate a clear correlation between environmental comfort and more productive behavior. In comfortable settings, students are more conducive to learning, shoppers spend more time browsing, workers are more productive, patients are happier, and patrons spend more time enjoying their meals. Regularly maintained air filters help keep the circulated air clean and help keep the building’s temperature more comfortable, regardless of the season.

The benefits of utilizing quality air filters and of regular filter change-outs are apparent. With so much capital invested in your facility’s HVAC systems and with so much riding on indoor air quality, to overlook this important aspect of your operation could be costly. Learn how Hyland Filter Service can help your HVAC systems run better

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